Big Fig Mattress Review

As I work my way towards making better decisions for myself by being more conscious of my health, I've realized there are many areas that needed adjusting. What I’m eating, drinking, working out, and getting an adequate amount of rest are all things that require some work.


For the past two years, I haven’t hated my mattress because of what it looked like without a bed sheet. I mean, Nylah had peed on it twice and I don’t remember if the large brown stain that was MY fault was Crown Royal or Jack Daniels. It was very much, a lived on mattress.

The real reason that I hated my mattress was that I could hear the coils inside crunching down whenever I positioned myself onto it. I woke up daily feeling like I had been in 13 consecutive fist fights and lost every god damn one of them.

When I came across Big Figs social media my first thought was wow, this is dope. All of these people enjoying mattresses across their feed was one thing, but to see that they looked like me too? I was sold.


Big Fig accommodates plus size people with mattresses that provide them with what they need specifically- support that matches their weight. They were kind enough to gift me with a mattress of my own to put it to the test.

I'm going to be 100% real with you guys, ok? I haven't had sleep in years that was this comfortable. The pain I've been experiencing in my neck and back has significantly decreased. Did it disappear completely? No, but that is because a mattress is not an end all be all to the pain I have, personally. I have worn my spine down the past few years and that takes a little extra chiropractic work.


Nevertheless, this mattress was a necessary first step towards eliminating my aches and pains. It's definitely on the firmer side so it can provide the support that I need as a heavier girl- but surprisingly it still form fits itself to me with just enough softness to provide relief in all of my pressure spots.


Their mattresses have both foam and spring layers and I highly recommend the company to anyone in the field for a new bed, no matter what size you are.

Do you feel like you get enough sleep at night? What role does your mattress play in that? Let me know in the comments below!

Love you guys! xoxo