Fake Pumpkins & Pretty Dresses

I’ve been burning my spice candle down.

We went to the costume shop to purchase the outfit that comes with no accessories.

I’ve ordered the separate pieces: the head piece, the gloves, the wand, the wig, and the necklace.

Nylah is going to be Snow White this year. She picked it not because she loves the movie so much, she’s never even seen it. She picked it because it was a pretty dress and that was that. I had every intention of showing her the movie until I realized it was not a Netflix or Hulu kind of deal, so we watched a few YouTube clips instead. True millennial mom-ing for you.

Either way, she is over the moon about being Snow White and celebrating Halloween.

She knows there is so much candy involved! What she doesn’t know, is that the candy goes on top of the fridge and then somehow by January it’s gone and she’s only had a few pieces.


The other day we “carved” a pumpkin! Thank goodness for the the fake ones you can still carve because who wants to deal with real pumpkin messiness? Not this anxiety filled OCD mom!

We’ve worked on a list of friends from school that she will be sending “boo-grams” out to. This is one way the PTA will successfully get my money- requiring purchases to make sure my child feels included!

Jokes aside, it feels like a warm season despite me feeling a bit on edge and discouraged. I love that Nyah is excited about something everyday. She makes it a point to cross off what day it is on the calendar to count the days left until Halloween.

Just one more my bubz.

So tomorrow we will parade at school and trick-or-treat at night until my babies little heart explodes.

What are your plans and what costume did your child pick out?

Until next time,

Happy Halloween


Jessica SchrodyComment