Just one of those days....

Listen, my $20 dry erase calendar that I intend on using this year to execute the fuck out of my goals says a blog goes up today. So guess what? A blog is going up today.

What we are not going to do is spend time being specific about whether or not it is still Tuesday- because I have not gone to sleep yet so even though it is technically Wednesday this is a MOM blog, not a TECH blog so let’s just move along.

I feel good. I have Nylah curled up next to me showered and in her PJ’s watching Coco on Netflix. Some of ya’ll are upset about the increase but I have never paid for Netflix so I will check on my mother tomorrow.

I smell SO good right. I feel so much better after getting out of the shower a few moments ago.

Last night was semi-rough for me.

I posted about some of my mom frustrations on Instagram and WOW you guys. I mean, I was completely overwhelmed by how many of you were able to relate to something as simple as me feeling like I disliked doing my daughters hair.

It for sure was a full circle moment for me. We are really a community here. It’s bigger than social media. Some of the same people that have told me that my content picks them up out low times turned around and returned the favor.

I seriously love all of you so much. I woke up this morning and in true millennial fashion checked my phone and was just attacked with lots of love that I certainly needed.

With that being said, I thought it was going to be a pretty fantastic day. I was up notably early. I had time to completely brush my own hair out and even fix a bite to eat.

I got dressed for work and then I realized I hated my shirt. Here we go.

After that, I hated my hair. Once I and Nyah got into the car I didn’t understand why I even put on the bra that I did because it was SO uncomfortable.

Currently, it's raining in LA. Some people find this weather to be the best and I would agree if I got to sit in my bed and chill.

The reality though? I don’t like getting wet. What is the point of an umbrella if you have to drag it across your body once you situate yourself in the car? Let’s not even get into how often I have swiffered and Clorox wiped the front entrance of the floor at my front door…AKA my closet... AKA my living room.

Then there is anxiety. The fear of death while driving...and how much more intense hardly being able to see out my window while driving makes that. Plus ya'll know I only have liability insurance, right? In 2019 I'm claiming full coverage.

I hadn’t even gotten to my first break by the time I felt the need to tell one of the leads at work that he irritated the shit out of me. Then right after lunch I literally took my bra off.

It was not the FIRST day of my menstrual cycle per se but it was the first day that it counted. 6 pads total I went through…I felt gross by the time the end of my shift finally arrived .

I still managed to do a workout with Nylah, make her dinner, and shower us both all by….well lawd I guess it is already 1 AM.

Now that I am all rinsed of my vaginal inconveniences and sipping on my cabernet of choice...I’m looking back on this day that felt like trash and recognizing a few things:

  • I have an incredible following and group of supporters. I am so glad that I have managed to surround myself with a group of women online that JUST GET IT. There are so many people that will never understand me the way that you all do and I will forever appreciate that.

  • I think braids and or protective styles might need to be a 2019 regular thing for me and baby girl because when I feel like my hair looks decent….I feel much better about myself. Whenever I do it myself it is liable to look different every single time. I don’t have the energy for that. Also, Nylah having a good set of braids would eliminate a ton of daily stress from my plate.

  • I really lucked out with my co-workers. The few people there that I choose to associate myself with during work hours as well as after aren't just smart and funny. They are understanding and supportive of my irrational and chaotic mood swings. It is not easy to find someone that will help you figure out how to get your 46 DDD bra from the bathroom back to your desk without anyone else noticing.

  • Nylah is the best workout partner I have ever had. She low-key has better form than me, keeps me motivated, and isn’t judgemental about the fact that I currently could not touch my toes if you paid me.

  • I’m proud of myself for sticking with this job and really giving it my all. For the first time in my life, I am HAPPY with what I do. I am good at it. It’s engaging. It’s competitive. Sure, there are office politics and certain people I can not stand….but I do not HATE it. Despite all of my jokes to randomly disappear and go on disability, I really think this is where I will be for a decent amount of time….cause no matter what checks start coming this way in 2019 let me tell you about these benefits!

I must go to sleep now….because work in the morning you know? At the conclusion of this, I went to refill my glass with some more wine and realized...damn I haven't done the dishes.

Good thing I pay the rent up in this bitch and can say without anxiety that I will deal with it tomorrow.

In fact, I paid my rent today. Well technically, yesterday.

In conclusion, it wasn't Nylah's hair, or my boss, or the rain, or my period. Today was just one those days because I had to pay my rent.

I know that this post wasn’t super well thought out or strategic but make sure you let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed how candid it was.

Shit just let me know how YOUR day went.

Let’s also just refer to it as Tuesday….because, mom blog...not tech blog.


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