Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen

What it is March, uh wusssuuuppp?! 

If you're rolling your eyes right now from the title alone please bear with me just one more time while I talk about food guys.

Some of you might come here wanting the scoop on motherhood and look, I promise it's all coming. 

I'm making some major changes around here and buckling down on She Really Had A Baby- I'm so excited to share it all with you guys.

The past two weeks have just been kind of crazy for me. My classes started really picking up in pace and I had a lot of pizza. 

Like bomb ass, really good, greasy ass Little Ceasars.  It was downhill from there and my guts and face were not very happy with my decisions, but it is what it is. 

I still have ZERO desire to eat any meat and have managed to avoid it for an upwards of 8 months now. 

None the less I would like to dedicate this blog post to the remembrance of me being a hardcore vegan. 

The best way I see fit for this is to talk about the guilty pleasure restaurant that I practically lived at the past few months. I have taken most of my friends and family members here to eat because it is so damn good, and everyone who ate there was in love with it. 

On the corner of Victory and Coldwater Canyon in the San Fernando Valley, you will find a cute little restaurant called Krimsey's!

It's a Cajun restaurant with all kinds of Poboy, Jambalaya, and cornbread magic- but peep this, it's ALL VEGAN. 


Now I am slightly biased. I've been there roughly 746 times and routinely order the Poboy and fries like it's nobodies business. 


Can you blame me? It's seasoned and battered hearts of palm served on toasted French Sourdough bread with mayo, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, crunchy dill pickles, and their creamy spicy house sauce. B O M B. 

I've eaten off of Nylah's rice and beans- I might have also taken a bite of her cornbread which was fucking fantastic.

That's right they totally have a kids meal, high chairs, toys and they even gave Nylah Mardi Gras beads before. Basically, they are super kid friendly so it's a place you can bring the whole squad!


They have something for everybody, with fiery indications of spice levels on the menu for you to help you make your decision! 

When I stopped by to eat there I didn't catch a breakfast menu but it is available on their website.


Every single employee in here is always friendly and happy to help! Even the customers are all relatively talkative.

Don't shy away from here if you aren't vegan because I'm telling you-you will love this place!


I've really watched Krimsey's grow since coming here months ago and they are constantly making changes for the better. Their menu is growing, and even the way they operate. 

Previously you would walk in and go up to the front counter to order. They would give you a number and bring your food to your table.

Then at the far end of the restaurant, you could find where you would bring back all of your cups, forks, plates, and bowls. I was ok with this method, but it left me feeling less inclined to tip.


I'm unsure if that was their reasoning behind switching things up a bit, but now there is no self-cleaning up required.

However, if you are the kind of person that lets your kid make a crazy psychotic mess and you don't even attempt to contain it a little bit- my dear friend you are an asshole. That's everywhere, not just Krimsey's. 

I really give this place 15 stars out of 10. It does run a little bit on the pricey side with a meal averaging out to around $15 every time but they have a great rewards plan where you collect stars and get $10 off of one of your meals! 


The food here is full of flavor and it's so good you won't even realize it's vegan! 

Have you been here before? Let me know in the comments below- or feel free to tell me all about your favorite eating spot!

Catch you guys again soon!