Impossible Burger

Hey my loves, *Mo'nique voice* - lol, let me quit playing.

Today we are going to jump right into it because I have a WORD for you about something I have tried recently.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out my past blog post I'm Not A Vegan I Just Kale A lot so you have a better understanding of my dietary choices!

So, I haven't had any kind of meat in forever. I don't necessarily miss it and I'm not huge on meat replacements. Tofu is OK depending on the context of the meal and the fake meats I have tried have been chewy and weird. 

When I heard that Fatburger had something that was unbelievable, excuse me impossible, I had to check it out. 

A plant-based "beef" patty so close to the real thing I was scared while I was eating it. 


I legit sat there like, I'm going to get sick they must have accidentally given me a real beef burger- but no. I mean even the texture of the patty was spot on with real beef!


A few restaurant chains, Fatburger being the most convenient to me, are working with Impossible Foods so that they carry their completely plant-based beef burger patties.  

Asking them to hold the mayo, cheese, and place it on the white buns makes this baby a whole vegan shnackkk!

Be warned though, I have read some conflicting information about the vegan authenticity of the buns. The Fatburger website states that they are made with no dairy products or eggs- but it does throw it out there that dairy and eggs are in the building. If that sounds risky to you ask for it wrapped in lettuce! 


I had mine on a white bun because I'm Not A Vegan I Just Kale A lot and it was glorious!

It's definitely more on the pricey side with two Impossible Burger Meals costing $30 after tax!

So I say if you're looking for a nice treat yourself kind of meal, definitely head over to a location that is serving this faux beef burger near you! 

Do you have a favorite meat replacement?! Tell me all about it in the comments below! :)