Museum Of Illusions

After seeing a few of my friends post some fun photos I decided it was my turn to check out the latest photo op scene in Los Angeles, the Museum of Illusions.


After searching up the hashtags and going through their yelp page I gathered Nylah and my homegirl Lauren on a late Wednesday afternoon and we headed on down to Hollywood. 

Parking & Validation

I was already prepared to deal with the parking situation so let me pass along the tricks and trades here. The parking near the museum will run you $20. That in combination with  $25 entrance ticket can end up being super heavy on the pockets. 

So we parked in the Hollywood Malls parking lot by turning onto Orange St. from Hollywood Blvd. Make sure you pass up the guy luring you into $15 parking RIGHT before the entrance to this parking garage. 

It's 2$ for two hours with validation, which we did on P2 by buying a $3 bottle of water. We now had parking, water and saved $15. Boom.

Tickets & Entry

If you're thinking that two hours won't be enough, you are sadly mistaken. With it being relatively empty at the time we went, we didn't even spend a full 25 minutes walking around inside.

When we entered we bought our tickets but because we checked in on yelp we received 5$ off! Make sure you do too because $25 is quite a lot of money for a short period of time!

Ideal Time To Visit

I've read a lot about how busy it can be there, so I seriously suggest going anytime after 5 on a weekday because it gave us plenty of privacy and space to sit around and try to get the perfect shots!

All About The Museum

I have to say I was relatively unimpressed by the museum. Maybe if it wouldn't have been $20 I would not have expected much more.

Don't get me wrong it was cool, but there isn't much to see. Especially because I had done so much research on it there weren't many murals I was shocked by.


Even with two floors open, we moved through pretty quickly- especially with Nylah running around like a madman back and forth.

The museum is basically a collection of handpainted murals on the walls and ground.

They give you an idea of how to create the perfect picture with a small framed photograph of their employees next to the piece.

Don't forget to take note of camera signs on the floor with arrows hinting at where the cameraman should stand to shoot and point. 

The one thing I did not like or understand was why the lighting was so horrible in the museum.

I don't think I would have been so dissatisfied with the photos if the lighting would have been better and we didn't have to work so hard for the illusions. 

So definitely look into learning how to adjust the brightness on your phones or cameras before coming because you will need it!


All in all we enjoyed the time we spent there and did end up getting some cool shots!


When I looked through some other city and state pop-ups their illusions did look much more impressive than the ones here in Hollywood. The best part of the one in Los Angeles though? You get to knock out Trump.


If you're thinking about checking it out for yourself just keep in mind that it's really just a quick photo opportunity that's going to run you $25 roughly to park and get inside if you use the discounts and tricks! 

I personally would not go back but I am glad me and Nylah have some fun photos together- like the one below where I'm throwing her off of the side of a ledge.

...because when do you NOT want to throw your toddler out?!


Is there a pop-up museum similar to this in your neighborhood? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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