Mommy VS Toddler BREATH !

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I picked Nylah up from daycare, per usual she was super excited to see me, as I was to see her. She asked to go to Chuck E Cheese on this Tuesday evening, and I said no like I always do and we got into the car. As I was making a left turn onto Reseda Boulevard, I caught a whiff of a familiar, but very unpleasant smell, my baby girls breath

Now, I do drive a Toyota Corolla, so it is relatively small in comparison to other vehicles- but was it small enough that smelling my daughters breath from the front seat was a plausible reality?

To further the seriousness of the stank that was her mouth, after bath time and brushing her teeth...the smell barely faded at all. It was so awful, I had to ask my good friend to smell it for herself. Like, "Tell me if I'm crazy or not, but I just brushed her teeth....does her breath still smell to you?" Her face said it all, and I then knew it was time for change. 

After brief conversation with some co-workers and getting a few suggestions, there were some things I definitely knew needed updating. 

After I got off of work, I scurried over to Target to see what I could find. When you walk into the dental care aisle, the kids section is plentiful but what it does lack is a kids version of toothpaste that is not a fruity flavor. Fruity and Nylahs breath was currently not working, her prior toothpaste was watermelon flavor so maybe that was the issue all along. With no mint options for kids, I made a personal decision to use the same toothpaste for her, that I do for myself. She is capable of spitting out now, and knows you don't swallow things throughout the teeth brushing process, so why not? (Of course this is a personal decision and I do not recommend using adult toothpaste for your child unless YOU deem it to be appropriate).

The next game changer was switching from a regular toothbrush, and picking up an electric one. Not only was it simple to use, one click and you're in business, but she loved it! It was like a new toy for her and she ran it along all of her little teeth with joy- of course mama came through for an official brushing round afterwards. The vibration of the bristles really delivers a gentler, but more effective clean in my opinion. 

After I brushed her teeth I always had her rinse two times with water, but with the way this breath was set up, it was time to use some toddler mouth wash! I tried some myself first, to see if it was too harsh, but it ended up being just fine! We now do one round of mouth wash and two rounds of water swishing. Nylah is getting so good at this part, that she recently learned how to gargle her water before spitting it out one last time. 

I truly believe the last change I made is what really made all of the difference in why now, Nylahs breath is way less offensive. I incorporated flossing. I picked up a kid friendly bag of individual floss tools, and Nylah has a blast picking what color she will use everyday. It may seem like a no brainer for some people, but the idea of flossing seemed ridiculous to me for a child of such a young age. However, once your child has two teeth that is time to start flossing!

Nylahs breath has completely turned around since I changed her routine! 

What about all of you? Have you ever had to combat toddler or baby breath? What do you do now that makes your littles ones teeth time special and enjoyable? Comment below or shoot an e-mail to !

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