5 Major Mama Keys - Fall Semester

As some of you may know, I took a leap of faith and started back in school this past August. Full time classes at that. I know I'm insane and it has been a challenge for me thus far.

I'm really learning the hard way that I have NO CHOICE but to have structure and balance if I'm going to get anything done promptly this semester. For todays post I'm going to share five major single mom keys to help ensure success, if you're thinking about going back to school yourself. 

Number One: White Noise 

An album of white noise is the only way I can zone out everything around me. Zoning out everything around me is the only way I can ever focus.

I have a threenager, so things are never quiet at home- but I'm honestly not even capable of studying in a Starbucks where I can hear other people breathing, so being able to put my head phones in and zone out to nothing is a must.

Plus, is anywhere really quiet? I even have to listen while in the school library, sheesh! 

My go to album on Apple Music is Dormo Luna Music's "White Noise". It covers about forty-five minutes of study time, and is easily kept on repeat. 

Number Two: Photomath App

This. Is. The. Shit. Period. 

With this app on my phone I can scan a math problem and it gives me the answer.

What does just an answer do though, right? Those are already at the back of the book!

Unlike your answer key, Photomath furthermore gives you the option to breakdown step by step exactly how the problem was solved. 


My most difficult class is Math- it actually feels quite impossible for me. So when I'm already flustered and stuck on a problem doing homework, this app has been a lifesaver for getting me through an equation. It doesn't just give me the solution, it helps me understand why that is the answer! 

The downside of this app is that there is no recognition of word problems, and who doesn't need help with word problems? I know I sure in the hell do. 

Also a word of advice for people with handwriting like a doctor, scan the books version of the problem, not what you've written down. It has stopped me quite a few times like, girl what are you trying to get me to read? Rude! Haha!

Number Three: A BIC Mechanical Pencil

I bought the cheap pack of lead pencils at Target for like a dollar in savings. The lead broke every fifth number I wrote, and every thirty minutes I ended up breaking one in half or throwing it. 

At the bottom of an old box I found an old purple BIC lead pencil that has been a very reliable struggle buddy for this class ever since. 

Attention moms, cheap wine is always a yes but cheap lead pencils are a definite no. 

Number Four: Wisps 

On one of my more recent posts I jumped into Nylahs dental hygiene, but what about me?

Side note: "what about me?" is top five on my list of things I say very frequently since becoming a mother. What about you? Ha!

Back to the point, Wisps. Yes, another Target find.

"I be in & out of Target yo I know they tiredddddd of meeee.." -#bodakmommy

Wisps are little individual tooth brushes from Colgate that have a brush and toothpaste side, and a long tooth pick end. 



No bathroom or water is needed for these bad boys. One of the many things I obsess over throughout the day is feeling plaque on my teeth, YUCK. 

My days can be very long sometimes, on the move from 5:30 AM until class is over at 9:30 PM ! That's a long day, and not only am I often in need of the pick me up, they come in a pack with several so you can turn other people onto them too. Like maybe your supervisor with that coffee breath breathing down your neck at 10:00 AM. 

You're welcome ;) 

Number Five: Passion Planner & Google Calendar

Being prepared, is being organized and that's exactly what my passion planner does for me.

It breaks my days down for me per hour, which is pretty bad ass, but it also gives me plenty of space to jot down thoughts, plots and moves throughout the entire week. 

My favorite thing about the passion planner? The writer in me has to say it's got to be the fact that every month theres a series of questions that prompt you to reflect on how your month went- the highs as well as the lows.

It's the perfect meditation to prepare you for a new month of kicking ass. 


Then there is my iPhone where I have my google calendar information synced. Things do still slip my mind if my passion planner is not lying open all day for me to see, and thats just BEGGING Nylah to draw all over it. 

So, for the super important things I add an extra alert to my calendar. This way anytime I get on my phone I'm made aware of it before needing to take any action. 

As far as assignments? Two of my four classes are online and my schools new system actually provides a link to copy and paste directly into google calendars- so everything pertaining to all of my classes is synced with my phone. TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE. 

Well, thanks again for checking in and taking the time to read through. I hope there is something here you have found useful for not just going back to school, but anything! 

Do you have a major mama key that isn't here? Let me know in the comments!

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