Potty Training 101

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It has finally happened. An entire month has passed and I haven't had to purchase any diapers or pull-ups. 

An entire month has passed and I am happy to say that Nylah, my three year old daughter, is fully potty trained!

I have spent the past year wasting money on pull-ups instead of diapers, thinking that would help. I have had the potty equipment for ages. One potty even sang out loud when urine hit the bottom. 

There was even a period where I was sitting her on the toilet after large meals because I knew she would be releasing it back to me shortly after.

I was fooling myself the whole time, and making no progress. It wasn't until I woke up one day, and was truly sick of her being in diapers that anything got done. 

The secret to potty training guys? It's to go hard or go home. Potty training is an all or nothing ordeal, so we dove in head first.

The secret is simple, just fucking do it. 

It was time for a Target run- character printed briefs, a mason jar full of M&M's and a bottle of wine for mommy. 

Nylah would be in underwear, all day, no matter what. I was asking her every 20 minutes if she had to go potty, so there were nearly no accidents. In fact, I spent the first week with her wearing no diapers pretty much harassing her until she agreed to go. 

If she sat on the potty, one M&M. Pee? Two M&M's. Poop? Four M&M's. She was in heaven. Sometimes she would just say "candy" instead of "potty" to let me know she had to go. 

Whatever, it worked. 

It was frustrating at first because she was only having accidents at daycare, and I figured it had something to do with her not getting the same amount of attention there that I gave to her at home. 

The accidents needed to happen though, so that she would get uncomfortable, and be more aggressive about asking the sitter to go to the bathroom. 

Week two was much better, she was asking occasionally, with little to no encouragement from me. 

Week three things got real and I said I was going to stop giving her liquids close to bed time and have her pee first thing in the morning because there would be no more sleepy time diaper.  

She still has not had any accidents overnight, so I'm super satisfied with those results.  Even if she does though, it's what needs to happen for her to know better next time!

She had a poop accident once at Chuck E Cheese that I attribute to her being overly excited and not wanting to stop playing with her friend. 

Other than that though? Nothing major. 

It is week four now, and she barely requests the mason jar candy, tells me she has to go wherever we may be, and is completely potty trained! 

What did it take? What was the secret? Literally just fucking doing it. Sticking to it, not flip flopping on what would warrant a diaper. I have spent the past month running around birthdays, parks, grocery stores and museums with a potty seat and pack of Clorox wipes, and it worked. 

Long car rides, outings, or being with other people are not good enough excuses to just put the diaper back on for the day. THROW THEM AWAY. DONATE THEM.

Make the decision that your kid is DONE being in diapers, and watch them grow up before your eyes! It's a wonderful, emotional thing!

Having a potty trained toddler is not as easy as I anticipated it to be. It's actually, way more difficult than just letting them pee & shit all over themselves. 

When you're on aisle two of a grocery store and your kid says "peepee", but the bathroom is on aisle fourteen, and you first have to grab a key from the front clerk...things can get a little crazy.

Especially if you left the potty seat in the car, so here you are cradling your toddler over the toilet seat, trying to get them to relax and release because they are somehow uncomfortable even though you are the one squatting and dead lifting 30 pounds. 

Things can get tricky, but I wouldn't go back to diapers for anything!


Anyone else potty training ? What issues are you running into? 

Has your little one been peeing and pooping on the toilet since they were 3 months? You're a liar, but still write in. How did you do it? 

Comment below or send an e-mail in to jessicarose@shereallyhadababy.com ! 

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