Picture Perfect Puffs

Hey everybody! Something I struggle with every week, well more like every day, is doing my daughters hair. It's not that it's not manageable, or even hard to really brush! Nylah is just not a fan of getting her hair combed, like most kids I suppose.

I remember growing up,  and screaming my head off myself whenever my mother tried to brush through my hair. 

After a long day of traffic and work, the last thing I want to do is listen to Nylah scream her head off while I get her ready for bed. I guess mama was right, everything about having a girl is karma. Haha!

Last week she was relatively compliant with me and even allowed me to document her hair routine.

Some of the products that are my current go to's are pictured below: 

The flawless curls shampoo is my favorite for the both of us when it comes to getting a fresh clean scalp. I always match it with the flawless curls conditioner from Tresemme, but plot twist, I ran out. Ha', Nylah did survive this wash without a conditioner. 

After getting all lathered up and ready to rinse out the shampoo, Nylah decided to drink the bath water...EW GIRL. STOP.

After we rinsed everything out, and got her all coconut oiled up and dressed, this was what her hair looked like without any product:

The next staple in Nylahs hair care routine, is my FAVORITE product for her. Argan Moroccan Oil from Organix is great for shine, moisture, detangling, and is even a great touch up spray to use throughout the week. After working that through her hair, it looks like this:

Look at that shine! Now we just need some more definition, and that is where Knot Today from Kinky Curly comes in to save the day. I use about a dollop of product and get the results I want. The best part about this product? It also works great on my hair, sharing is caring Nylah! 

Much better! The only thing left to do now is give it a few scrunches with loving mama hands and the end result is this:

Now thats a nice clean set of curls! 

After letting Nylah play while her hair dries, its time for bed. I let her sleep with it all out to let her edges breathe, because who REALLY likes sleeping with ponytails?

In the morning its a little flat but with a few fluffs, a part down the middle and a little Cantu edge control to define the strays... you have picture perfect puffs, with my picture perfect baby girl!

Thanks for stopping by guys, leave a comment below about what products you're using in your little ones hair. Or send an e-mail in to jessicarose@shereallyhadababy.com