Allergies Are A B*tch

What's up ya'll! This weeks post is going to be short and sweet because me and Nylah have just been going THROUGH it. She started off with a cough that she passed to me, and in the midst of her recovery mine turned into ER worthy bronchitis and one too many days missed at my NEW job. Pulling through that was hard enough, but low and behold Nylah caught a STOMACH FLU just as my fever went down. It definitely was the first time I have ever been thrown up ON. I always imagined I would be furious if someone did this to me, but it was my kid so I was actually pretty distraught over it. Nylah is now on day two with no throw up, and day one no butt vomit if you know what I mean, ha'! I'm trying to keep her true to the BRAT diet which is banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast. Instead of apple sauce I gave her jello though, and instead of toast she had waffles...but whatever lol, she's ok today! Shout out to my mama for helping me with her this past week , wouldn't have been able to do it without her!

This week I wanted to share what I have been taking to help soothe my allergies! If you're anything like me, in the last one or two months your nose has been extra'd out. I mean I started sneezing so much out of nowhere I was confused. We finally got some water in LA this year, which is good BUT, more moisture means more growth, which means more pollen in the air! So after a few days of watery red eyes and a non stop runny nose I headed over to CVS where I spent twenty whole god damn dollars on some Claritin that lasted me for 10 days. Once I ran through those and accepted the fact that I simply could not afford to medicate the allergies away, I hit up my girl Mariah . Now Mariah is the healthiest, fittest, most inspirational black girl I have the pleasure of knowing. I trust her word because she has usually done the research behind things that I am unfortunately unmotivated to do, and because we are cool I don't think she minds that much. 

After texting a 'bit with her I headed over to Whole Foods instead of Sprouts like she recommended, because I'm lazy and it was just closer. 

I have always been well aware of apple cider vinegar and all of its magic. I have even used a diluted version of it and sprayed it all over my body to marinate before showers to help with body odor and cleansing of the pores! None the less, the shit smells foul as fuck, and tastes even worse! When I was made aware of the fact that it came in tablet/pill form there was no question that I needed it!

She also mentioned tumeric. Now, I have put the powder on chicken before, but a pill form? Nope. Picked that up too!

Bromelain was the only thing I'd yet to hear of prior to Mariah, but I picked some of that up as well!

In addition to assisting with the current state of attack my nose and eyes had been under, I had a tumeric shot and Farmers Garden smoothie from the juice bar. It seems like the only time Nylah will eat vegetables is when they are blended up in a smoothie, so I split mine with her and she was loving it. 

Now I'm not going to sit here and act like I wasn't feeling completely hurt at check out when the total was damn near $60, because I was. The pills I got came out to about $50 alone, with the remainder being the smoothie and wellness shot. 

In the long run though, it is much more cost efficient than spending $20 every 10 days for claritin because these pills all came in sets of 60-90 each which means I am set for a few months. 

I'm not here to act as if I know ALL of the details about what each and every one of these supplements do, but what I do know is taking all three of these daily for a week had me RIGHT. My sneezing had completely stopped! I could finally relax! 

They even started making me more regular in the bathroom which would probably be great for weightloss in the event that I stopped living at Del Taco! 

Have any of you been struggling with allergies? If so comment below what methods you use to combat them! Or send in an e-mail!

See you all next week!