Postmates With A Toddler

Living in Los Angeles has it's ups and downs. The cost of living and crowdedness can be suffocating, but it creates a type of demand that allows for tons of opportunity. I've done the Uber / Lyft thing before and after I totaled my car with an elderly lady in the backseat I vowed to never do it again. 

More recently though, I had been seeing advertisements to sign up for another 1099 type of driving service and that was Postmates. You download the app onto your smartphone, and they send you out a Postmates debit card. You go online and wait to receive orders. The order comes in and after accepting, it tells you where you're going, what you're picking up, and whether or not you'll need to use the loaded debit card or if it's been pre-paid for. Then after picking up whatever the order was, it navigates you to your drop off location. 

The reason this was so appealing to me, was because there was barely any interaction with the customer aside from handing them their food. Even tips and finalizing pay is all done through the app. My bright idea was, I could totally do this with Nylah! I was definitely overlooking the amount of patience I actually have, and what a toddlers temperament is like being in and out of a car for even just a few hours. 


So I start driving down Reseda and turn on the app with baby girl chilling in the back, and within about 10 minutes I had a request to pick up from Waba Grill. It was pre-paid already so I parked, took Nylah out of her car seat, went in and grabbed the food. I added some condiments from the counter, and Nylah followed me right back out. I put her back into her car seat, strapped myself into the front seat and saw that the drop off location was down the street. I mean, she literally could have walked there. It took about 3 minutes to drive there, but I couldn't find parking. So I double parked with my hazards on, took Nylah out of her car seat, and power walked the both of us to the apartment complex. After finding the correct unit # I knocked on the door and was greeted by a girl in crutches (it all made sense now)  who thanked me very much. Me and Nylah proceeded to run back to my car to avoid receiving a ticket. All together the process was maybe 15 minutes for that order and delivery. After pushing complete, it said my pay out was $4.91 , and a few days later I saw she tipped me about $1.81. Not too bad considering the time it took.


A few moments passed and the app pinged me for another Waba Grill order. So I went back around the corner, pulled Nylah out of the car, grabbed the food, put Nylah back in the car and made my way towards the new customer destination which was about 15 minutes away all together. This trip paid out a little bit more, closer to $9, but the guy never tipped, and there was a scary ass cat by the front door that made me nervous for the five whole minutes it took for him to even open the door.  By the time the second trip was completed I had taken Nylah in and out of her car seat a total of 8 times, she and I were both over it! Also, the last delivery took me out of the area where most deliveries were being requested. So after waiting a few minutes, and Nylah falling asleep in the back, I gave up on Postmating with my baby. Lol. 

A few days later I tried again, and I was definitely a little more lucrative without child. The payout vs time spent doing things made more sense without Nylah because I was moving much faster, and ironically sweating less.  Something else I noticed was how much more busy it was in Los Angeles, in comparison to the Valley. The hits were non-stop, the down side though? Nowhere to park ever, so lots of illegal parking went down running in and out of restaurants. 

They advertise that you can make up to 25 dollars an hour doing this, I haven't tried it out enough times to say this is a hard no, but its definitely a soft hell no. I think Postmates is a nice supplement to your income if you have a few hours to spare every week to take care of a small bill or two, but it is certainly nothing to make a living off of. They really bank on people tipping you, but for the most part they don't.

This Friday night I plan on seeing what the night time weekend Postmates life is like, so I'll keep you all updated.

Have any of you guys driven for Postmates or any other kind of delivery app? Leave your experiences down below, or shoot me an e-mail at


See you guys next week! Xoxo.