Bye Bye Fall Semester, Hello Winter And Spring

Hello there lovelies!

Guess what? I did it! I finally finished my first semester back to school in years. I passed all my classes too! Even Math! Ha! I had a ton of personal shifts and changes from the very first day of the semester and throughout,  but I stuck with it! Thankfully I have a few weeks of a break before my winter classes start. I was thinking it would be the perfect time to reflect on what I've learned about my habits that will help to ensure I have a successful semester this next time around. I'll also be talking about some dope resources and programs that helped me make it through!

Also if you haven't checked out my previous post about my hacks for the Fall Semester, head over and see if there is anything useful for you there! 

Waiting Until The Last Minute Does Not Work

I mean, for some things sure- but in all seriousness even then it just increases the level of stress associated with the task at hand. It also almost always compromises the quality of work that is being done. With the majority of my classes being online, because who has time for that parking, I really need to manage my time much more effectively. Starting assignments thirty minutes before they were due gave me the worst anxiety and I know the quality of a lot of my work could have been so much better. Also, even though I was capable of hitting the mark when needed for three out of four classes, that last minute shit did not work in Math. It's really a completely different language to me. I needed to set time aside to really practice and absorb it into my mind. I escaped the class, but I do plan on being much more strategic and focused in Spring. I can not imagine Statistics being anything other than awful, so we will see. 

I Will Drink The Whole Bottle

Wine is alcohol, and alcohol is distracting. As many times as I said I would just enjoy one glass with my dinner before starting my homework, I still always had more than that and fell asleep. I'm actually on a journey towards giving alcohol up altogether. I'm over the way it negatively impacts my behavior- especially procrastinating on homework. Sprained ankles and cracked phone screens are a good runner up though.

Study Groups Actually Work

I never did more homework for my Math class than when I met up with people from class to work together. There is a collective sense of focus in a study group that you can't get on your own. Plus, whenever I got lost during a problem at home, I would spend hours trying to figure it out or just give up completely and lay down. Lol. In a study group though, there is always at least one other person that understands something and is able to quickly help to teach or refresh your memory and you can keep powering through that assignment. Lastly, there is nothing wrong with some friendly competition when it comes to testing scores.

Resources For People w/ Disadvantages Are Endless

No matter what your situation is, there are options for you on campus to help make your education there is a success. I have tried to go to school unsuccessfully so many times, but this time around utilizing what had always been there before really saved my ass. To find out about what is available to you, I suggest doing what I did. Before the semester started I picked a day that most offices were open and just walked around from office to office asking questions about what it was they offered assistance for and took a bunch of pamphlets. I ended up joining the TRIO program which was a huge working factor in my success this semester. Not only did they create a sense of community, but they gave me access to tutors free of charge throughout the semester. They also hold you accountable for progress by issuing updates on your status in your classes throughout the program. Sometimes just knowing someone is there to make sure you are keeping current is enough to keep you motivated. 

There was also the CalWORKs building where a program Helping Hands was able to get me vouchers so I didn't have to pay for books. That was such a blessing.

There is a child development center that offers daycare services while you study, how awesome is that? They are really giving everyone a fair shot at succeeding this time around!

Most importantly though I inquired more about the health fee of $11 I was charged at the beginning of the semester and realized that I had access to a free on-site therapist. Not only could I see them weekly, but I also was able to get medical attention from a Doctor there as needed!

I would have never known about these things if I wouldn't have been inquisitive and searching for them, so I'm glad I did. 

What The Next Few Semesters Look Like

I'm relatively close to having my AA in communications, but this first semester back definitely prepared me for what is to come on my journey towards furthering my education. I feel more prepared to make smarter decisions so it doesn't feel so overwhelming this time around. Time management is the BIGGEST thing for me, but I have faith in my ability to thug it out.

Are there any dope things your school offers you access to that you were unaware of? What does your school experience look and feel like? Let me know in the comments below or send an e-mail to for any questions or comments you have for me.

Talk to you later