Nexplanon : I Finally Removed It


I'm Nexplanon Free

So, after months and months of complaining, I finally have removed the birth control from my arm. 

For those who don't know what this even is, Nexplanon is a form of birth control that is inserted into your arm underneath the skin and lasts for up to three years as a long-lasting birth control.

Why I Chose This Form Of Birth Control

I was sold on it immediately based on the idea that I didn't have to remind myself to take it every day like the pill. Plus, the latter option of something being inside of my vagina didn't sit well with me at all. 

For whatever reason inserted into my skin seemed better than in my vagina at the time, but I definitely regretted that decision as I was laying on the table while they cut my arm open.

Removing My Nexplanon

After ten months of pure torture, I went ahead and made my appointment to have it removed. Planned Parenthood is now in the process of taking online appointment requests on their website, but for abortion and IUD services you would still need to call their hotline.  

The paperwork and consent forms to have my Nexplanon removed were absolutely terrifying. They made reference to all of the possible risks, one of which was the implant breaking into pieces while trying to pull it out which would make it more difficult to retrieve.  

It was finally time for me to head on to the back, where they reviewed the scary paperwork with me once more before having me lay down in a freezing room. 

I didn't panic until the Dr. walked in and started sanitizing the area of entry on my arm. She was very sweet but the reality that I was about to be sliced open was just too much. 

When she numbed the area the shot definitely stung, but the procedure wasn't as intense as I'm sure it would have been without it. I felt tinges of slightly painful pulling as she seemed to dig around in my arm for the Nexplanon.

The Dr. Could Not Find It

Now, this was supposed to be a "three to five-minute procedure" so at about ten minutes in I started to panic. I just wanted it to be OVER. I knew something was wrong with the way she started asking questions in regard to weight gain or loss, and telling me how that can affect how it submerges into the tissue, etc. When she said "I could have sworn I felt it right here," I almost fainted. There was no way another incision was going to be made on me, nope, not today. 

She called in for back up, and at that point I knew I had to be fucked. Especially when the backup Dr. started making similar comments and asking me the same questions as the other one had been. 

I heard one of them say "There it is!" and I was relieved, but then slapped in the face by reality as I FELT the plucking and pinching of it being removed. That was the most painful part! Ouch!

That Nexplanon Is Huge

I didn't look at it while it was being inserted back in January, but I surely looked at it after it came out and boy was it pretty big.

I can't believe I had something that thick and long underneath my skin.

This mama will be staying away from everything thick and long for a while now, literally.

The Healing Process After Nexlplanon 

As the numbing shot wore off throughout the day, it was incredibly sore and sensitive to the touch. A bandage was wrapped around it and I was advised to keep that on for 24 hours to keep the pressure on the incision.

They also told me to not get the area wet for three days, which would have been incredibly hard considering it was my arm- how could I shower and not get it wet? 

Thankfully I'm vegan so I just did not shower for three days and I was fine. 

I'm joking. I showered, every day. Once twice actually.

I have a removable showerhead so I hosed myself down with my wounded birth-control defect infected arm and smelled great throughout the stabilization of my hormones. 

I want to say that maybe, the third day I felt a lot less anxious than I had gotten used to normally feeling day in and out. 

My menstrual cycle four days after the removal, finally stopped. FInally. Lord. Y'all. Yes. YA GIRL HAS NOT BLED, SPOTTED, BEEN TOO MOIST, or ANY-DAMN-THING in just about two complete weeks now! 

What a blessing. Hopefully, as the months progress my period will become regular and natural. With predictable arrivals, and prompt departures as mother nature intends them to be. 

Why My Period Was Such An Issue

I bled for the first four months that the Nexplanon was inserted into my arm. 

Yes, straight. With the "breaks" merely being light brown spotting periods. It was awful. It wasn't necessarily cramping the entire time, just the fact that blood never stopped coming out of my vagina. For those unaware, that is quite an inconvenience. 

I was not sexually active for 9 of the 10 months I was on Nexplanon (In fact I had sex once and it was a complete waste of time)- but my menstrual cycle played a role in this indefinitely. Aside from the blood coming out of my vagina, being on my period that long I felt gave me a stale vaginal odor. Sorry, just being honest guys. 

Also, the drug itself did mess with my hormones which had me on an emotional rollercoaster that eventually stabilized as much as it possibly could have after about 5 months. 

Nexplanon Does Work

Anything that never lets you stop bleeding, gives you vaginal odor, and makes you more emotionally unstable than usual is a sure-fire way to prevent pregnancy. 

No More Birth Control For Me

Moving forward I decided to not get back on the pill, get a vaginal implant, or use birth control at all.

I'm currently in the process of practicing abstinence.

In the event that there is a slip-up, more babies do generate more social media traffic, so maybe more of you will subscribe. 

I'm kidding, because yeah NAH.

When I meet someone I feel is worthy of having sex with again, we can discuss birth control options together and move forward from of right now though? I'm the most relaxed, birth control free mama on the block not getting laid. 

After my experience the past 10 months, I'm ok with that. 

Have any of you guys ever used Nexplanon? Did you have a similar experience, or was it the best decision you have ever made? What about other birth control options? 

I have some exciting things lined up for you guys in 2018, and I need your e-mail to make sure you hear it first. 

Happy December! 

This is the year of healthy babies, healthy mamas, and healthy vaginas!

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