Kick Ass Mom Of The Month - Alisha

Hello there lovelies!

This week I'm checking in with you all so I can highlight a good friend of mine as Octobers Kick Ass Mom.

Not only is she a soon to be wife, she is a mother of two AND runs a business out of her own damn kitchen!

Akhan Customcakes is the name of this kick ass woman's baking business where she brings all of of your wildest cake dreams to life. She creates all types of custom cakes and treats for any special occasion.

If you didn't think spending what could be over six hours on designing and building one cake was hard enough, imagine also being a stay at home mama of two ! Alisha has a one year old son named Arrow and a four year old daughter named Ara- but if you think those names are cute, you should see the kids! Her and her fiancé Allen really put some work in on making these baby gap models!


I personally ended up connecting with Alisha through a referral when I was looking for someone to do Nylahs smash cake and candy table for her first birthday party. After taking one look at her instagram, I knew she was who I wanted to work with immediately. 

                                                      Alisha also did Nylahs cake for her third birthday pictured above.

                                                      Alisha also did Nylahs cake for her third birthday pictured above.

Creating a cake that looks good is one thing, but Alisha takes pride in the fact that everything she makes TASTES just as good as it looks. This girls cakes and cupcakes are MOIST y'all. During my pre-vegan days I was enjoying the hell out of whatever she made for me. Plain and simple these are not the cakes you throw away if there are left overs guys, I PROMISE. 

Akhan Customcakes has been up and running for three years now. Alisha even attributes some of the hustle of getting it up and running being due to her daughter Ara. Staying home with a baby was difficult, but she found solace in occupying her time with baking. 

One day she just happened to offer to bake a cake for her friends husbands birthday, and after some googling and you-tube videos, she set out to make a cake that he would love. Since he loved beer, she gave a go at creating a cake based around that.

Alisha was just as surprised at the entire parties reaction to the cake, as they were that she could do something so cool!

It was all uphill from there, during that same party she already started getting inquires about other cakes- but only after posting it to her instagram did she land her second client through another mutual friend. 

Things were looking like they could become pretty serious, so Alishas fiancé encouraged her to create an entire separate instagram for the cakes. Then it was official, Akhan Customcakes was born. 

Three years later Alishas business is booming. She says she constantly has business although she did cut back on how many orders she takes after giving birth to her son. Understandably so, two kids are HARD. Shoot, ONE KID IS HARD. 

In the future, once both of her kids are in school, Alisha see's herself having not quite a store-front (maybe way further into the future), but a kitchen separate from her house.

That way she will have more room and storage space for all of her tools, and an official pick up place for her clients where she can even do consultations if they need them. 

To close out on a lighter note, Alisha told me a major, yet hilarious, baker fail she had:

"One time when I was delivering a cake- well for starters I do not deliver, I have my children ninety-percent of the time, it just doesn't work for me. So I was delivering this one time and I was meeting the client closer to the 101 near my home. I was running behind schedule already. I had  the cake next to me in the passenger seat, the cake was so pretty. I was driving and as I'm turning into the parking lot where she is, someone cut me off. When I hit the brakes the cake fell, and toppled over to the point that I could not even see it. I started freaking out, my heart dropped into my stomach. When I looked at the cake, it was completely done. I couldn't just not tell her what happened, so even though I was on the verge of tears I got out of the car. She was a very well put together high profile looking woman to add insult to injury for me. So I told her what happened, and all she did was repeatedly ask me where the cake was. After the third time I finally showed her and she started panicking, telling me how this was the center of the party. I asked her what time the party was and found out  I had two hours to pull it together. I told her I was going to get her this cake I just had to go immediately so I could make another one. She asked me if I could really pull it off, and after I said yes, she told me the party was in Marina Del Ray! Wtf! So I rushed home, and luckily a few of the major parts of the cake I created were capable of being saved.  I don't know how I did it but I re-made that cake and drove it out there to them- I didn't even charge her. It was the most nerve-wrecking experience I have had since being in business, but they LOVED the cake and that was the most important thing to me at the time."


If you didn't understand her level of baddassery prior to that story, I hope you do now!

That's how you maintain a business y'all !

Make sure you reach out to Alisha if you're in the Los Angeles area and need any custom cakes created for any upcoming special events, or just stop by her pages to admire her sick ass work!


Instagram: @akhan_customcakes

Catch you guys soon!

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